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Our Services
The Granger M.D.D. is authorized to offer new and existing businesses incentives.
- Tax Abatements
- Business Relocation
- Chapter 377 Agreements
- Tax Increment Financing
- and more...
  1. Tax Abatements
    The MDD can offer programs to reduce or eliminate the amount of property tax owners pay on new construction, rehabilitation and/or major improvements.
  2. Business Relocation
    Looking to move your business to a new home? ~ We can offer incentives to help make relocation a reality. Simply contact the MDD for more information and arrange a meeting.
  3. Tax Increment Financing
    Tax increment financing (TIF) is a public financing method that is used as a subsidy for redevelopment, infrastructure, and other community-improvement projects.
  4. Chapter 377 Agreements
    377 agreements help municipalities offer loans and grants of city funds, as well as the use of city staff, city facilities, or city services at minimal or no charge. These agreements are often used to attract retail development http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/LG/htm/LG.377.htm
  5. Facade Improvement Program
    The Granger Municipal Development District is looking for current businesses for facade improvement. The program will be made available for a limited number of applicants for the 2018 fiscal year. The MDD will match eligible facade improvement projects on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Contact us for details at info@grangermdd.org
    Under the statewide cap of 105 projects per biennium a community with less than 250,000 in population may have up to six enterprise projects. A community with less 250,000 in population or greater may have up to nine enterprise projects. Upon a community designating a business as an enterprise project, and upon the project’s designation being approved by the state, the business would be eligible for incentives. For more information, contact the following link: https://texaswideopenforbusiness.com/services/tax-incentives
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